Digital Is Changing The Retail Business !



Why ?

Our Insight:

Shoppers empowered by digital technologies are still buying in stores, but want those stores to give them more opportunities to research and price-check products digitally on their own.


“Shoppers’ new expectations of digital technology in-store is one of many shifts changing the role and function of brick-and-mortar stores,To remain competitive, brands and retailers in brick-and-mortar will have to quickly become just as smart, data-driven and agile as they are online.


Shoppers have grown to expect a multichannel experience, surveys indicate. For instance, consumers are now twice as likely to discover brands or products online than through traditional advertising channels, but 91% of those consumers say they research products online before buying in-store.


More than two-thirds indicated that digital kiosks and interactive displays would encourage them to buy in-store, with 78% looking for digital technologies that help them find a particular product and 75% wanting digital self-help options to compare products or compare prices.


While most consumers already have multiple self-help tools in their pockets, stores wishing to control more of the customer interaction (and the data it produces) would be wise to install interactive signage, store directories and kiosks that allow customers to help themselves.

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