People Centric Services

Services that our Associates and Us deliver using Industry Best Practise.

People Development

Small and medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy.
At Fresh Thinking we are passionate about helping such businesses thrive by providing them with expertise, skills and a fresh pair of eyes that they don’t have currently in the company.

We specialise in the areas that SMEs often find most challenging, offering you the option of bringing in real experience, knowledge and an outstanding track record, all on a flexible cost basis. ( John Horton ).

Health & Safety

The health and safety of colleagues in every company is of paramount importance. But some businesses are not large enough to justify taking on a full time health and safety resource. Our NEBOSH qualified specialist is the perfect answer if you want expert advice and complete compliance at an affordable, flexible cost. (John Horton)

Customer Service

Please follow the link below:

Customer Service



  • Sales Development (Business 2 business)
  • Sales Development (Managers)
  • Performance Coaching
  • Retailing Skills
  • Meeting Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Train the Trainer Our
  • Executive Coaching

Payroll Services.

As far as our clients are concerned, our associates payroll services are very straightforward. Every month t a simple template with staff hours and any other changes are submitted then they take care of the rest. Of course there’s far more to it, and it’s important that our customers know our payroll services cover every aspect with precision and efficiency so they can forget about it and get on with business.


Getting the payroll, right every time, must be a given.  To ensure this we have:

  • Tight ISO9001:2008 quality audited processes
  • Customised processing instructions for every client

And we check every payroll twice before sending it to you.

Our comprehensive payroll services include:


  • Trial payroll runs
  • Free rerunning of the payroll if you forget something
  • Unlimited customisable payments and deductions
  • Setting up new starters for no charge
  • Ad hoc payslips mid month for leavers
  • Payslip detail options to minimise employee queries
  • Compilation of a detailed directory of employee details
  • Payments, including using different hourly rates
  • Student loans/court orders
  • P45 checking
  • What if calculations
  • Assistance with employee query resolution
  • Automatic calculation for mid-month starters/leavers/changes
  • Gross to net and net to gross calculations


  • Departmental costing across all your cost centres
  • HMRC remittance report
  • Customised finance system file extract
  • Electronic copy payslips
  • A comprehensive spreadsheet of each payroll for accurate management reporting/analysis
  • Payments and Deductions by any tax period and YTD
  • Starter/Leaver information sent electronically to the HMRC on your behalf
  • Standard Year End reports include P11s, P14s/P60s and P35s


  • A 12 month processing schedule agreed between us
  • Unlimited telephone support from our UK Based team
  • Secure pressure sealed laser payslips
  • A schedule of all our charges up front – there will be no surprises


With our payroll services your data is protected by sophisticated IT Security systems and a failsafe backup process which means our service will continue seamlessly under any circumstances.


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