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The VM Challenge

The world of Retail is noisier than ever. Today’s consumer is assaulted by auditory and visual stimuli in an unprecedented manner and retailers and brands are particularly challenged when trying to be heard above the noise. Retailers and brands that want to be heard must utilise every tool and technique at their disposal and providing teams with a solid visual merchandising understanding is a powerful way for your business to develop a strategy that enables your merchandise strategy to stand out as the unique entity it is. We aim to look at stores “through the consumers eyes”  and methodically work through the zones.

Our Visual Merchandise support comes in the form of:

  1. Workshop Training.
  2. 1:1 Hands-On Support.
  3. Store Audits.
  4. System and Software Due Diligence.
  5. Plannogram Creation
  6. Communication Template Support




The VM Audit Covers

  • Store Exterior.
  • Signage.
  • Flow.
  • Display.
  • Layout.
  • SIghtlines.
  • Graphic Treatment.
  • Guideline/Plannogram Compliance.
  • Fixture & Hotpost Placement.
  • Adjacencies.
  • Stock Densities.

Visual Merchandise Technology

With speed being of the essence in todays fast-paced Retail Market crossing the many channels available, consistent retail-execution is an absolute MUST!

Many companies have started to use New Technology to enhance the instructions given to the Channel Executives and their Teams, and also to elevate mis-mis-interprentation and enable multi-cluster instructions to be produced. Retail-it Consultants have had the pleasure in  deploying such Technologies with Brands such as Levi’s Dockers, C&A but to name a few. The video below outlines the use of technology at M&S for exactly that kind of purpose.

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